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Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) Policy

Our vision

At United Marine Agencies, we want to provide our employees, customers, visitors and stakeholders with a healthy, safe, secure and environmentally sustainable workplace. We want to ensure that everybody returns home the same way they came to work in the morning.

Our HSSE goals are simple - "No Harm to People, no accidents, no security breaches and no damage to the environment".


Our commitment

In pursuit of our HSSE goals, we are fully committed in:

  • Establishing HSSE targets and objectives to assess performance.
  • Complying with local and European legislation, international standards and industry practices.
  • Providing adequate training and suitable safety equipment to all staff and contractors.
  • Promoting a proactive culture 
  • Actively encouraging the prompt reporting of hazardous conditions.
  • Investigating all incidents to identify causes and prevent recurrence.
  • Reviewing the HSSE Management System at planned intervals to ensure its continuing suitability, adequacy and effectiveness.
  • Maintaining an effective and open two-way communication for the internal and external exchange of HSSE information.